Marina Committee

A marina, by definition, is a boat basin that has docks or moorings for seven or more water craft as defined in Section 1547.01 of the Revised Code. Excluded as marinas are:

  • Docks for a private residence
  • Docks at a shipyard
  • Dry docks
  • Locations for canoes, rowboats, paddle boats, etc.

License and Inspection

Marina operators are required to obtain an annual License to Operate a Marina. The license is valid from April 1st through March 31st of each year. The license fee is determined by the number of docks at a marina, and docks are broken down into the following categories:

  • 7 - 24
  • 25 - 59
  • 60 - 149
  • 150 - 299
  • 300 - 499
  • 500 +

One inspection per year is required.  The inspections take into account the following areas of concern: potable water protection, sewage disposal, solid waste disposal, water safety, electrical safety, fire protection, nuisance abatement, and general maintenance.

Plan Approval

Plan approval is necessary when a new marina is constructed, for alterations of sanitary facilities, or for a substantial increase in the size of the marina. Plans are to be submitted in triplicate to the Ohio Department of Health Engineering Unit at least 60 days prior to construction.

Ohio Clean Marina Program

The Ohio Clean Marinas Program is a voluntary program developed through the Ohio Sea Grant College Program that encourages marina operators and boaters to utilize best management practices to keep Ohio's water resources clean.  The goal of the program is environmental stewardship through increasing awareness of environmental laws, rules, and jurisdictions.  By obtaining Ohio Clean Marina status, marina operators will meet the requirements of all state and federal agencies with regulatory authority pertaining to marinas through a process of self-regulation.  Ohio Clean Marina operators will benefit from reduced costs of waste disposal, new sources of revenue, and an increased attraction to their property due to responsible marina customer respect of following best practices.

Ohio Clean Boater Program

The Ohio Clean Boater Program is part of the Ohio Clean Marina Program.  The goal of the program is for boaters to follow best boater practices for fuel and engine maintenance, boat painting and cleaning, and waste disposal.

Marina Program Update

The marina rule review process was started in January of this year.  Mary Clifton, ODH, has taken the time to organize the ad-hoc committee which consists of representatives from ODH, local health departments, marina operators, and other industry members.  The review process is winding down, but has not yet been completed.  There are only a few items being addressed this time around, including:

  • Backflow prevention devices.  ODH has issued a letter to all local health departments describing the situations in which certain types of devices can be used.  This issue will also be clarified in the rules.
  • The availability and number of restrooms.
  • Electrical work/licensed contactors
  • Minor changes to the moorings categories
  • Minor changes in grammar